About Me

I am a middle-aged married mom of three pretty awesome kids (who all serve in the US Navy). I live in the desert of Southern California. I am a US Navy Veteran from the Desert Storm era. I currently work for the DoD in Federal Law Enforcement.

Most importantly, I am a complete smartass and speak fluent sarcasm.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Any update on your surgery? I am in Houston Texas who found your blog through Mel’s blog and am anxious to hear of how recovery is going! I am only 28 but had a basal right in the middle of my nose. I had Mohs surgery on 9/20. Recovery hasn’t been too bad but I can’t even look at it until they take the stitches out tomorrow. It is not fun, but nice to read about others for sure!


    1. Hi Courtney! I am actually going for the second stage of surgery tomorrow at 1:30pm. This is where they will remove the pedicle from the cheek flap and recontour it all down. I am hoping it is an easy surgery but from what I have seen, it may be difficult like the first one. Part of the graft at the tip of the nose has gone necrotic so I am going to have to wait for that to naturally fill in. It should be fine but it is just going to take time. I will post a quick update and then an update after surgery. I have to say I am really happy to get this weird flap thing off my nose. LOL!


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