The Surgeries Are Done!

Today, I had the 2nd and LAST surgery on my nose. I am really happy it is over. I will go back next Thursday to have the stitches out.

This morning, this is what my nose looked like before the second procedure:

before second surgery

And at 1:30pm today, he detached the pedicle, debrided the necrosis off the tip of the nose and added some new stitches. I think it looks a lot better now. The raw, circular area was where the graft had died, so he is letting it fill in by secondary granulation. Secondary granulation means that you let it heal naturally from the bottom up. In a few weeks, there will be brand new skin covering that area. Until then, I still have to wear a bandage and gunk it up with Aquaphor every day.

Here is what it looked like after today’s surgery:

after 2nd surgery

I have to be honest with you guys. Today’s surgery hurt 1000 times worse than the first surgery. It feels like someone is holding a flame to my nose, continuously. I am on Norco and let’s just say that I am doubling the dose just to keep from crying. It is throbbing and it burns like hell. I will be sleeping sitting upright for the next few nights for swelling. My left eye is going to go for a repeat swelling like it did three weeks ago after the first surgery. Seriously, this one HURTS!

The doctor said it was important for me to rest, take it easy, and not get my blood pressure up so that this can finally heal correctly. I told him I have the next 12 days off and he said that is perfect. My blood pressure climbed the last time and part of the graft died, so I am going to stay one level up from comatose for the next couple of weeks. Just before surgery today, my blood pressure was 149/62. Yup, I was a bit nervous. 😉

However, I am looking for the silver lining. I am cancer free. And that is all that matters.


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