Tomorrow is Stage 2 Surgery

Well, I am having the stage 2 part of surgery tomorrow. The flap they did is called a 2-stage nasolabial flap. Tomorrow, they will remove the pedicle and recontour down the skin. Basically, they will put everything back where it belongs. I watched a YouTube video of tomorrow’s surgery and well, let’s just say that I wasn’t expecting all that. It is what it is. I am expecting that the scar from my stitches down my face is going to be reopened, then closed with new stitches. More healing, but without that pesky weird flap.

The thing I am honestly most excited about is getting over the whole regiment of cleaning, gunking, and re-bandaging my nose. It’s getting old. Additionally, I am looking forward to letting my nose get some air finally. I wear a bandage each day at work and it’s gross when I change it…. four times a day.

After all this, I am grateful and blessed. First, I am cancer free. Second, I have such a big cheerleading team in you all. I am very self-conscious by nature, so this has been a test for me. I bought myself a beautiful Kate Spade silver bangle bracelet. On the inside, it says “Find the Silver Lining”. Truer words have not been spoken. Every time I look at it, I will count my blessings.

Well, I will update tomorrow after surgery. Looking forward to getting it over with. BTW, if you ever find yourself in this position, a Xanax 45 min before surgery does wonders for your bravery. Seriously, I hopped up on that table last time and said: “Let’s rock!” I had been scared shitless prior to that. This time, I will do the same thing, but I do feel somewhat calmer because I know what to expect now.

Yeah right…. ask me that on the ride down. 😉

2 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Stage 2 Surgery

  1. I got the stitches taken out today. I expected to look in the mirror and say “gross,” however I just started crying. The profile of my nose is different. It’s just not the face I am used to. I hope the weird flap thing avoids you having the same reaction! Good luck I will be thinking of you


    1. Courtney,
      Please dont cry. It will be okay. It’s weird looking but after getting the pedicle taken off today, I see the result underneath. The part that died is still open and raw and I have some new stitches (I will post an update tomorrow) but I am relieved to see the old “me” again. I swear, it will get better. That flap is doing a lot of work for you right now. I will not lie, this new work he did hurts so freaking bad. I am on pain killers. A lot of them.


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