Well, damn.

So yesterday, I found out that the second surgery is going to be September 27th. In 9 days. And I noticed the healing has been kind of wonky, so the doctor asked me to send him a picture of the nose tonight. He got back to me and told me that part of the graft is necrotic (dying) and not to worry. Many things can cause it to not “take.”

That bums me out. I kind of feel like I went through all this pain and stress for something that isn’t going to totally work. He did say that I can still have a great result, I am just going to have to be patient with it. Underneath the bad tissue, new tissue is growing and will continue to grow and fill in. And the bad part protects it until the new skin from underneath kind of pushes it off when it doesn’t need it anymore. So, that part is good. It is just going to take a LONG time. Patience is NOT my virtue.

I went back to work yesterday because I just couldn’t take sitting on the couch anymore. Now, I am wondering if that was a bad move. I noticed some blood yesterday and enough today that I had to put on a pressure bandage to get it to stop. I know that my blood pressure was up because I got a pounding headache halfway through the day today. I love my job, but it is somewhat stressful when you are playing a mean game of catch-up from being off, plus just handling the everyday stuff. So, I think I will work tomorrow and then tell the boss I am taking Thursday off to give me a straight four days to rest and keep my blood pressure down, in hopes I can turn this skin graft around and get it to heal correctly. When you are trying to grow a skin graft, wonky blood pressure is not good.

Seriously, there is only so much ID channel I can watch.

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