One Week Down!

Well, today marks one week since the surgery. The pain is way down, swelling is almost non-existent, and the bruising is fading to a lovely pale yellow. Yesterday, I saw my surgeon to get the stitches out of my cheek. It feels so much better being able to open my mouth now. I had already popped two stitches by having the audacity to yawn and trying to brush my teeth.

My surgeon also took a look at the handy work that he did on my nose and overall, he is pleased with the results. There is a small area towards the tip of my nose that shows some maceration. Maceration is when the skin sloughs off due to having too much moisture. Kinda like when your skin sloughs off after being in the pool too long. That was most likely caused by the leaking of the wound under the bandages. So I have gotten my orders to keep Aquaphor on the wounds at all time. I can keep it uncovered at home as long as I have slathered the Aquaphor, cover it when I go out (after slathering it Aquaphor.) Trust me, I am covering it when I go out. It looks hideous.

So, here is the pic after the stitches were removed:

stitches out 13sep18.jpg

As you can see, its pretty gross. And you can also see that my cheek is really not liking the tape that is being used. I have added another picture that explains more what it is going on with this nose of mine:


stitches out explained.jpg

The surgeon cut a slice out of my cheek that contained an artery to make a cheek flap. The flap became a source of skin to graft onto my nose to cover the defect and the pedicle is what keeps it alive (remember there is an artery in there). In two weeks, I will have another surgery that will disconnect the pedicle. He will revise any edges, remove any stitches and close up the gap that the pedicle was sticking out of with more stitches (maybe; or he may choose to let it granulate, which means letting it heal from the inside out). Hopefully, the graft took and it becomes part of my new nose and after a year or so, you will never know all this crap happened.

I plan to go back to work on Monday, September 17th and work until the second surgery. Hopefully, I will just take a few days after that to recuperate and then back to work after for good. I honestly didn’t have any idea how bad this was going to wear me out. I am super exhausted after all this. I am sleeping a LOT!

Thank you to each one of you for your kind words, thoughtful gifts, texts, phone calls, and prayers. I appreciate all of you more than you will ever know!

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