48 Hours After Surgery


Well, today was interesting. I started bleeding through the bandages. You know, the bandages that I am not supposed to touch until I go back on Thursday? It pretty much left me no choice than to change them out, clean the areas, goop on Aquaphor, and put clean bandages on. I didn’t really mess with the one on the graft, but I did catch a glimpse of it. Um, my left nostril graft is BLACK. I hope that is normal because it was kind of shocking to see that! And the very bottom stitch on the incision down my cheek had popped out. While that is concerning, the incision looks great, so I am not really worried. I am pretty sure that happened when I had the audacity to yawn. I felt a burning pain in that area yesterday, so I am sure that was the little thread popping. Try keeping your mouth closed when you have to yawn. It is a challenge.


Holy balls, my face hurts! Pain meds are working, but they wear off after about three hours. I am supposed to take them every six hours, so I am watching the clock, a lot.


Well, I can’t really open my mouth to eat. Couple that with the inside of left side of my mouth is swollen, and it makes for a hangry Missy. Folks, I didn’t get my girlish figure by not eating. I want pizza when I get these stitches out. Yes, I have already planned my food for Thursday. That is what happens when you are hangry.


Thankfully, the swelling is coming down in my eyes. My vision is better today. The bruising seems to be starting. Yay for having natural eyeshadow! The swelling on the left inside of my mouth is still pretty bad.


I was able to take a shower today as long as I didn’t get the bandages wet. That did wonders for me. Felt a LOT better afterward, and I successfully kept the bandages dry.

All and all, nothing too exciting to post. I am bored already and I haven’t even missed a day of work yet. I have my online class so I will throw my effort into that.

Pizza on Thursday! Keep your fingers crossed I can open my mouth wide enough to shove that in. 🙂


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